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orcaestra's Journal

Orcaestra: the musically obsessed Orca
21 September
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I'm a classical musician who plays Violin, Electric Violin, Viola, and Piano. I've been an USDAN Alumni '98-'02, and a music Intern with the String Instruments of the Farmingdale Summer Music Program '03. I'll be a violinist in the MYO Chamber Orchestra.

Orca's and Wolves are also a large part of my life. I'm an Otherkin/Furry Orca and Wolf.

My Furry Code

FCtmps3adsw/CWmps3adsw A- C- D++ H++ M P+++ R+ T+++ W- Z- Sf# RLET/M a- cn+ d e- f++ h* iwf++ j p- sf-

My Sibs: faythsong, kattan, meri_sielu, battie, nessie, green_ness, dakazi
I love my mate, Acadia - gesundyke

The Wolf
You are protected by the great spirit of the Wolf;
a stalwart seeker of truth and justice and
adament hunter of those who oppress and
depress. You value truth and honor above all
else, protector of the innocent and defender of
the weak. Your quote: "All that is gold
does not glitter; not all those that wander are

Your spirit is that of the wanderer. The wanderer
walks alone on paths unknown to man. It travels
to the ends of the earth seeking the reason for
its very existence. The wanderer is a sad
creature but it holds the hope of many men
combined. Its hope outshines the loneliness and
keeps the wanderer afloat.Your path was meant
for you to wander and so you will but remember
this; a wanderer must have a place to stop for
the night.